New Seven Herb Facial Mask Sheet

New Seven Herb Facial Mask Sheet


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New Seven Herb Facial Mask Sheet

Reduces Skin Discoloration, brightens and improves skin.
Products name : Xiang Sheng Mei Xue New Seven Herb Facial Mask Sheet
Brand: Xiang Sheng Mei Xue
Xiang Sheng Mei Xue New Seven Herb Facial Mask Sheet
Origin: China
Mask classification: Sheet Mask
Quality Guarantee Period : 18 months
Suitable for all skin types


1. Reduces skin discoloration
2. Brightens skin color
3. Moisturizes and repairs skin
4. Oil control formula
5. Clears clogged pores
6 . Specification: Full size

Benefits :

1. Chemical masks contain pigments that make the skin sensitive to sunlight.
2. The chemical pigments can cause cloasma on the facial skin, creating rough, dark and discolored patches.
Xiang Sheng Mei Xue’s commitment to you:
All products are extracted from natural Chinese herbs and do not contain any chemical additives.
All products are natural, safe and non-irritating to the skin

Important Notice:
Xiang sheng mei xue products will have a faint herbal scent.
The products do not contain any artificial flavors or pigments, maintaining the authenticity of natural plant odours.
Not recommended for people who prefer artificial scents.
Xiang Sheng Mei Xue does not address reviews/concerns regarding herbal odour of its products.

The Seven Herb Mask maintains internal and external balance
The product contains at least 35% essential extracts that balance and maintains the health skin pH promoting skin’s regenerative power and self-moisturizing capability.


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