Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil

Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil

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Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil
• Firms skin
• Lightens fine lines
• Fights signs of aging

Product Name: Xiang Sheng Mei Xue Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil
Brand: Xiang Sheng Mei Xue
Name: Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil
Origin: China
Psychological effect of essential oils: Relieve Stress and fight Anxiety
Essential oil’s effect on body: Other /other
Shelf life: 12 months
Suitable for: All skin types
Essential Oil’s benefits for the skin:
• Skin Nourishing
• Skin Lifting
• Skin Firming
• Anti-Aging
• Brightening
• Evening out skin tone
Net content of essential oil: 30g/mL
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Please note that it is not a special purpose cosmetic product and is aimed at improving the skin naturally in the long run.

What is in the bottle?
Rose Extract Ginseng Essential Oil
Ingredients: Grape seed oil, rosemary essential oil, ginseng extract and rose flower elements
The ingredients are brewed for 49 days in order to extract full benefits of the nutrients of the Chinese Herbal Skincare.
What it does?
• Penetrates to the bottom of the skin
• Makes skin elastic
• Repairs damaged skin

1 Improves skin’s firmness
• Deep skin repair formula
• Restores skin’s regenerative capacity
2 Reduces fine lines
• Adjusts skin’s water and oil balance
• Increases skin elasticity
• Improves skin’s regenerative power
3 Delays signs of aging
• Formula contains multiple anti-aging essences
• Repairs damaged cells deep under the skin
• Effectively prevents skin aging

Rose flower
Recovers elasticity

Wrinkle resistance
Skin Repair

Grape Seed Oil
Anti-oxidation effect

Rosemary Essential Oil
Maintains water and oil balance

Schinus Terebinthifolius
Reduces fine lines

Extremely pro-active essential oils provide rich nutrition for cells deep under the skin.
Starts by cleansing and conditioning skin tissues in the bottom layers of the skin.
Noticeably younger skin inside-out.

Product Name: Xiang Sheng Mei Xue Rose Extract Ginseng Plant Essential Oil
Shelf life: 12 months
Suitable for: All skin types
Grape Seed Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Red Ginseng
Boswellia Serrata
Vitamin E
Net content of essential oil: 30g/mL

Skin care tips:
Rose Gingseng Plant Essential Oil contains whole plant ingredients without any preservatives. Proper method of use can have 2x improvement in the same time. This is how the essential oil should be used:
1: Mixed with Face Cream:
1-2 drops of essential oil mixed with daily use face cream helps lock the contents firmly into the skin.
2: Lifting Massage:
Massage method: Gently massage the face and neck in circular motion from top to bottom
3: Gently pat skin:
After the massage, gently pat the skin until the product is fully absorbed into the skin.
Notice visible reduction in fine lines.

Don’t let your sense of smell limit your imagination

Important Notice:
Xiang sheng mei xue products will have a faint herbal scent.
The products do not contain any artificial flavors or pigments, maintaining the authenticity of natural plant odours.
Not recommended for people who prefer artificial scents.
Xiang Sheng Mei Xue does not address reviews/concerns regarding herbal odour of its products.

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