Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser

Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser

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Xiang Sheng Mei Xue Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser
• Deep cleanses the skin
• Improves pore blockage/congestion
• Moisturizes
Product Name: Xiangsheng meixue Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser
Brand: Xiangsheng Meixue
Name: Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser
Origin: China
Classification: cleanser / Cream
Shelf life: 18 months
Suitable for: All skin types
Foaming degree: Micro-foam
Ingredients: PORIA COCOS, salvia, white peony, hyaluronic acid
Detailed Functions: Deep cleansing, Cleansing of congested pores, Make up Removal, Cleansing skin, Moisturizing, Hydrating
Net content of cosmetics: 120g/ml
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Please note that it is not a special purpose cosmetic product and is aimed at improving the skin naturally in the long run.

Keep a healthy routine for your skin, starting from washing it effectively.
Most skin problems stem from improper washing
Cleaning your face is the most important step for a cleaner and healthy skin.
Poria Cocos moisturizing Cleanser

Cleaning the skin on the surface is not enough. Your skin needs deep cleansing action to help get rid of the dirt and pollution that is trapped in the bottom layers of the skin.
Poria Cocos Extract acts as astringent, toning and calming by balancing the neuropeptides responsible for inflammation. It also offers protection against harmful environmental influences and is suitable for all skin types.
The cleanser has the following effects:
• Long lasting moisturizing
• Regulates skin hydration
• Gives youthful, flawless and elastic skin
• Clears pore congestion
• Cleans away the dirt and greasiness of the skin
• Reduces production of keratin that causes skin aging
• Deep penetrating skin cleansing
• Gentle cleaning of the skin
• Gentle care of the epidermis, causing no irritation
• Soothing and comfortable feeling after use

Hydrating, moisture-locking emollients – Natural Moisturizers that keep the skin moist and flexible, helping to prevent cracks.

One facial cleanser – 3 benefits: Cleaner, Firmer and Hydrated skin
Cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time.
The high proportion of amino acids makes it closer to the pH value of human skin.

Deep penetration cleansing, maintaining the balance inside and outside the skin.

Chinese herbal skincare ingredients penetrate the bottom layer of the skin to solve the essential problems of the skin from their origin.
We promise, starting today washing your face will be your favorite activity of the day.

Product Name: Xiang Sheng Mei Xue Poria Cocos Amino Acid Cleanser
Suitable for: All skin types
Shelf life: 18 months
Ingredients: Poria Cocos, salvia, white peony, hyaluronic acid
Net content of cosmetics: 120g/ml

Amino acid facial cleanser is closest to the pH value of human skin. Since amino acids are the basic substances that make up proteins, amino acid facial cleansers are one of the most suitable types of facial cleansers.
Cleans skin gently without causing while purifying the skin efficiently. Suitable for use even on Children and people with sensitive and acne prone skin.

We recommend using all four following products of the set together for more noticeable effects:
1. Facial Cleanser
2. Moisturizing Water
3. Moisturizing Milk
4. Moisturizing Cream

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